Derwent water, Cumbria

Derwent water, Cumbria


o as to give people the opportunity to make an informed choice about whether the counselling approach I use is going to suit them, and so that I can see whether I feel able to support a person in what they need help with, the first session is free of charge. After that, I agree the price with the client within the following ranges:

Initial assessment session: free

Subsequent sessions: £25 - £40 based on what the client feels that they can afford

Students: £20


If you need to cancel an appointment I need 24 hours notice. If you cancel after this I will have to charge you the full fee for the session.


I accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

I ask people to pay for each session in advance. This means that from session 2, you will be asked to pay for each session a week in advance.