South Bay, San Francisco

South Bay, San Francisco


 have worked in private practice with people on a variety of issues, and from a variety of backgrounds. Underlying many issues are feelings of unhappiness, stress or anxiety. It is these feelings which often lead people to seek help.

I worked at Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS) with clients who have issues around alcohol and/or drug use, and for the various problems in their lives which alcohol and drugs are used to mask. This work often involves working with the client to reduce or stop their alcohol/drug use via practical strategies, and then focusing on the underlying issues for their substance use.

I have worked with clients with severe and enduring mental health difficulties within the NHS and Wigan Children’s Social Services. I initially worked with people on psychiatric wards and in the community as a support worker, such diagnoses such as depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

I have now worked in private practice since 2011, initially in Manchester, and now in Calderdale.

Often, my work with people includes issues surrounding relationships, such as with a partner, children or their family.


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ABC Certificate in Counselling Skills

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University of Manchester BSc in Psychology

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