The life around us


 bit of an odd post, but it came to me this week that we probably see a lot more non-human creatures than we think that we do. So, I decided to simply list what I have seen this week. For me, this ties in with my first post about Edward Wilson's Biophilia hypothesis: that humans have an instinctive bond, and hence curiosity, with other living organisms. We are drawn to them, and to each other, due to the very basic fact that they are alive like us.

These animals have been seen in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Central Wales, and Manchester. Granted, I live in a rural setting, but many non-human creatures can still be seen in urban areas as well, as long as you opens your eyes. In fact, it is easier to see some species in the city, such as foxes.

Rabbits (both brown and golden)




Crows (Or rooks - I never know which is which!)

Swallows (A sign of spring!)

House Martins

Pheasants (Both hen and cock pheasants)

Sheep with their new lambs

Roe Deer








Tits (I'm not sure exactly which specific species)

Red Grouse




Spiders (many varieties, none of which I could name!)

Flies (again many varieties, 2 of which I recognise)

Midges (A not very welcome sign of spring!)

Bumble Bees

Honey Bees

Tawny owl





Badger Tracks, West Yorkshire

Badger Tracks, West Yorkshire

Alongside actually seeing animals, there are many signs, tracks, and paths that can be seen that hint that there are animals out there, even if we do not see them. Badgers is a classic example for me: I've never seen a live one, but I see multiple signs of them including paw prints, well travelled paths, and latrines. There is also a woodpecker that I hear most days, but even if I know which tree it is on, I am never able to see it. There are also many animals that I probably look straight at, but never see as I'm not actively looking for them. Or animals that are within metres of me, but I am not aware of.

I often go out looking for animals when walking the dog, or maybe I have just become more aware of all the animals that are around me, and so I try to keep myself open to them. Are you open to seeing other animals arounds you?