e have lived in fog for a week. Living at around 900 feet above sea level has its benefits, and its downsides. Living in a cloud for 7 days was one of those downsides. 

Mostly this difficulty is emotional. I need to be able to see the landscape around me on a emotional level. We lived in the city for ten years, where the furtherest I could see was the other side of the street. We moved to the hills to be able to see further than thirty yards, but being stuck in cloud meant that I could only see thirty to fifty yards again, and it felt oppressive. 

I woke up on Saturday morning, and the cloud had lifted! My mood did as well. And yesterday evening had a clarity and stillness that I cannot describe in words. The roe and rabbits were feeding in the field. The curlews were hovering around the house. A rainbow sprung from the ground, and the setting sun cast an orange hue to the land.


So, right now its chucking it down, but at least I can see the other side of the valley! There is clarity and I no longer feel hemmed in by the weather. 

We are evolved animals, and we evolved within Nature. Nature must affect us, as we affect it. Hence, the weather conditions affect us, and our moods. I don't know why, but they do.